Last month we hosted our first ever Millennial event. After all, aging does not discriminate. And neither does caregiving. I share in my recent Letter From the CEO that according to a recent AARP study, one in four family caregivers is a Millennial.

Our two millennial speakers led a discussion on aging and managing diseases.  These two vibrant and smart young ladies are confident entrepreneurs.  You would never have guessed that they are  managing life-long diseases.

Jennifer Hill, Founder of Healing Hearts Counseling Center, is dealing with Huntington’s disease (HD).  HD is a fatal genetic disorder that causes the progressive breakdown of nerve cells in the brain. It deteriorates a person’s physical and mental abilities during their prime working years. The average life expectancy following diagnosis is 10–30 years. San Diego local, Jenny is one of 30,000 Americans affected by the disease.  She will start showing symptoms in about 10 years and is busy planning and organizing resources for that time in her life when she will have less control and independence.

Tiffany Melone is the Owner of the communications firm, Delicious Buzz in Southern California.  Type 1 diabetes (previously called insulin-dependent or juvenile diabetes) is usually diagnosed in children, teens, and young adults, but it can develop at any age. The pancreas of T1 diabetics makes very little or no insulin, a hormone that enables blood sugar to enter the cells in your body where it can be used for energy. High blood sugar is damaging to the body and can cause death. San Diego local, Tiffany is one of over 7 million Americans with diabetes that rely on daily insulin injections to stay alive.

Jenny and Tiffany answered questions asked by a moderator and attendees.  Some were tough.  They were asked questions such as, “What plans have you had to make to prepare for a future that will likely demand care at a young age?”  and “who and how do you seek out a support system?”.  The responses led us back to a discussion on the importance of building our own networks that will support them when the time comes.  This message resonated with me as it was that very question that led me to establish the Amazing Care Network, “Who will be there for me when it’s my turn?”.

Aging is a group sport. My hope is that we can all age well together through an Amazing Care Network. Join us at our 2020 events. Stay tuned for the lineup and other ACN business updates in our upcoming Newsletters.