We believe aging well takes a village. Effectively navigating the insurance and medical systems along with the associated emotional and financial challenges requires two things: a network of amazing people and planning. With these in place, you can shift your focus away from problem solving to taking care of your physical, emotional and financial well-being. Get on the right path to aging well with self-education, care advocacy and support of others.

Amazing Care Network members can access education, resources, networks and partners including: Physician Friends of Family, Medication Therapy Management, Pharmacy Consults, End of Life Support, ACN’s Member community and more. ACN also offers a savings plan, giving you a disciplined platform to accumulate cash reserves for you and your loved ones to fund services that may not be paid for by medical and/or long-term care insurance.

In January 2015, Cora launched Amazing Care Network, Inc. to focus on helping men and women redefine aging. Services offered include savings accounts geared to setting funds aside to pay for services not covered by long term care insurance or Medicare, expanding one’s network of friends and educating them on the opportunities and challenges awaiting us as we age, and a network of resources to help us, including recently retired physicians who serve as physician friends-of-the-family to help clients navigate the medical delivery system and UC San Diego’s School of Clinical Pharmacy.
Jeff Strong joined Sterling Administration and Amazing Care Network with many years of experience in the health insurance and self-funding industry. Currently he leads a regional team of sales professionals, mentoring and coaching them to do their best. Most recently, Jeff was with CIGNA Healthcare working as a sales specialist and liaison to brokers. Prior to that, he served as a financial underwriter for CIGNA. He also worked for Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo and Rosenbluth International in various financial analyst and business development capacities. Jeff is a NAHU Healthcare Reform Certification Course, Certified Professional.
Lola Christensen is the Account Manager for the Amazing Care Network. Lola has worked in the healthcare industry for over 40 years which is invaluable to the Amazing Care Network and our members. In her role, Lola ensures that our members are able to access their benefits, answers any questions they may have and is our resident subject matter expert when it comes to aging and caregiving issues. In her spare time, Lola spends time with family at a vacation cabin close to Yosemite celebrating the beautiful hiking trails and magnificent views.

…The Amazing Care Network looks at a part of our lives that’s precious and sacred and gives permission and support and encouragement to talk about it.  Without being depressed, without being ashamed, and without needing to guilt-trip other people…like your kids.

Joan H.

For me personally, it’s all about my kids.  I don’t want to be a burden to them and I want to know that in a very smart way I’m planning for my final years and that whatever those plans will be, it will make it a little easier on them.  That’s it.  That’s the essence of it.

Tom S.

A unique thing about Amazing Care is how it helps prepare you, and encourages you to take the time to look and listen and learn about options. I know that it helped me when I had the opportunity to care for my father-in-law. I’ve been to enough Amazing Care tea times now that I think it’s made me a better person.

Pat L.

The teas and lunches are like a perk for your establishing the savings account for when you get older.  They present terrific speakers to enlighten and inspire people, to help in the journey of aging and taking care of aging loved ones.  And taking care of ourselves!

Lola C.
How do I close my account?2019-04-23T12:01:17+00:00

Please call customer service at (877) 248-7098 or email us at customer.service@amazingcarenetwork.com and we will be happy to assist you.


How can I make a disbursement?2019-04-23T11:58:26+00:00

Once your bank has been added, go to MANAGE ACCOUNT > Disbursement > New Disbursement > Select Pay Me by Direct Deposit > Select your bank account > CONTINUE > Complete the required fields > CONTINUE > SUBMIT

Can I make changes after scheduling a deposit?2019-04-23T11:55:33+00:00

No, you cannot make changes to the scheduled deposit. However, you can cancel the scheduled deposit then schedule a new deposit. Go to MANAGE ACCOUNT > Deposits > All Deposits > Click on the red X of the scheduled deposit you want to cancel. Note: Only the Pending status deposit can be cancelled.

How do I add a bank account?2019-04-23T11:52:50+00:00

Go to Manage Account > Bank Account > + Add New Bank Account. Complete all the required fields then click on SAVE to add the bank account.

Who should join Amazing Care Network?2016-09-12T18:08:54+00:00

Anyone that wants to plan well for their future and a smarter tomorrow by building cash reserves, extending their network beyond familial ties and having access to expert resources. ACN is also great for anyone doing or managing a loved one’s caregiving, healthcare decisions, finances and resources. ACN business memberships offer a tax advantage while helping to recruit and retain qualified, healthy and informed employees that are better equipped for their future.

Why do we need Care networks?2016-09-12T18:08:40+00:00

Everyone can benefit from more resources and knowledge to navigate their future and future pre-planning. ACN facilitates networking and fosters the spread of knowledge about the aging process and healthcare industry. Enable and manage asset accumulation, important resources and networks for expected and unexpected expenses during later years in life.

What makes Amazing Care Network different than other support groups and services?2021-02-25T20:09:23+00:00

ACN is different in a number of ways. Most importantly, we believe growing older should be a shared experience. Navigating the insurance system and the medical system along with the associated emotional and financial challenges requires a network of Amazing people and a plan. Shift your focus to body control and resources management via self-education, care advocacy, and support. Provide a disciplined platform to segregate and accumulate cash reserves to fund desired services that are not supported by medical and/or long-term care insurance. Enjoy access to education, resources, networks and partners including: Physician Friends of Family, Medication Therapy Management, Pharmacy Consults, End of Life Support, ACN’s Member community and more.

How is a Care network formed?2016-09-12T18:07:56+00:00

A Care network is formed by a leader—someone like you—and is ideally a minimum of four and maximum of 10 people who are linked to the leader through friendship, business, and/or familial ties. Each network determines its own rules of engagement. For example, collectively the network decides who will be invited to join, what goals will be pursued, when and where to meet, and what will be discussed at the meetings. The leader of the network works with ACN staff to ensure that the Care network goals are being met.  Often, the leader already participates in network(s) of friends and family, so adding information about the Amazing Care Network is a seamless endeavor.

What if I don’t have a network of family or friends but really want to be a part of Amazing Care?2016-09-12T18:07:39+00:00

No problem – you do not have a network to join and you can access all of Amazing Care’s services and partners simply by becoming a member.

How and when will ACN services be triggered?2016-09-12T18:07:23+00:00

ACN’s services will be triggered based on events agreed to by your Care network. These could include the presence of a life-threatening medical problem, deteriorating medical condition, a desire to understand financial savings options, or an unplanned life event such as being asked to serve as an Executor for a friend. You decide when and how to use your ACN services.

How much should I save?2016-09-12T17:57:32+00:00

Generally speaking, you should strive to set aside $30,000–$50,000 by age 80 to provide financial flexibility for a variety of needs. More funds can certainly be set aside depending on one’s preferences, financial situation, and goals.

Suggested Savings

How much should I set aside monthly/annually at an assumed interest rate yield of 3% on my savings?

45 $30,000 $482.00 $40.17
45 $50,000 $803.00 $66.92
55 $30,000 $799.00 $66.58
55 $50,000 $1,331.00 $110.92
65 $30,000 $1,566.00 $130.50
65 $50,000 $2,610.00 $217.50
75 $30,000 $5,846.00 $457.17
75 $50,000 $9,143 $761.92


How much should I set aside monthly/annually at an assumed interest rate yield of 6% on my savings?

45 $30,000 $254.00 $21.17
45 $50,000 $423.00 $35.25
55 $30,000 $516.00 $43.00
55 $50,000 $860.00 $71.67
65 $30,000 $1,216.00 $101.33
65 $50,000 $2,027.00 $168.92
75 $30,000 $5,021.00 $418.42
75 $50,000 $8,368.00 $697.33
When / how can I self-direct my investment?2020-03-29T08:01:46+00:00

A minimum balance of $5,000 is required before members can self-direct their investments. Once the $5,000 threshold is met, the member may invest excess funds via a broker of the member’s choice or take advantage of a discounted fee arrangement with TD Ameritrade through Sterling Administration.

The $5,000 threshold ensures that cash is readily available to the member for payment of products and services that a member may need immediately.

Must I use the funds exclusively for medical-related products and services?2016-09-12T17:49:55+00:00

No, you can use your Amazing Care funds for anything you wish at anytime.

Who decides how my funds are used?2016-09-12T17:49:28+00:00

You decide how to use your funds, including how much to withdraw, the timing and frequency of the withdrawal and how to use your money.

Tell me more about Sterling Administration.2016-09-12T17:49:09+00:00

Sterling is a privately held and financially self-sustaining company that has been in the business of administering account-based programs since 2004. It is highly regarded for its sterling quality service. It currently administers over 50,000 health services accounts and holds assets exceeding $130 Million. Visit their website for more information: www.sterlingadministration.com.


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