Amazing Care Network’s mission is to help. Having seen the need for people to understand what they may experience with aging, our vision is to assist members with resources and information. We help them make connections with the proper services and by becoming part of a network of like-minded people.

While most people avoid thinking about aging, ACN encourages everyone to take charge of their destinies… to be the authors of their own lives so they can age well. Instead of procrastinating, embrace the changes by being prepared with knowledge and service connections that will make aging smoother. Aging does not have to be sad or scary. When we are surrounded by others with positive attitudes, it is just another stage of a well-lived life.

Why go it alone? As we age or deal with an aging parent, relative or partner, we don’t need to handle everything by ourselves. Join a network of people who are going through the very same things you are…or will be. Join our community and help navigate the path to aging gracefully.

Three Membership Options

…The Amazing Care Network looks at a part of our lives that’s precious and sacred and gives permission and support and encouragement to talk about it.  Without being depressed, without being ashamed, and without needing to guilt-trip other people…like your kids.

Joan H.

For me personally, it’s all about my kids.  I don’t want to be a burden to them and I want to know that in a very smart way I’m planning for my final years and that whatever those plans will be, it will make it a little easier on them.  That’s it.  That’s the essence of it.

Tom S.

A unique thing about Amazing Care is how it helps prepare you, and encourages you to take the time to look and listen and learn about options. I know that it helped me when I had the opportunity to care for my father-in-law. I’ve been to enough Amazing Care tea times now that I think it’s made me a better person.

Pat L.

The teas and lunches are like a perk for your establishing the savings account for when you get older.  They present terrific speakers to enlighten and inspire people, to help in the journey of aging and taking care of aging loved ones.  And taking care of ourselves!

Lola C.

Connection to Resources.

Amazing Care Network provides true value to members through connections we offer as resources. Our resources are associations that open doors to care and services and assist members solve problems. Some of these are: Physician Friends of Family, Medication Therapy Management, Pharmacy Consults, End of Life Support, ACN’s Member community and more.

Events to offer knowledge & connection.

Amazing Care Network brings speakers and topic discussion to our members and others. Attendees tell us how much of a difference they make in helping them face aging. As we grow, we’ll ‘up our game’ by adding even more relevant topics to our events. We think they will be ‘must attend’ discussions. We expect them to be viral worthy, sought out and sold out!

Savings account.

We offer members the ability to contribute to a personal savings plan to pay for services not covered by Medicare or long-term care insurance. This is an after-tax savings account, meaning you can spend funds for yourself or a loved one/colleague in need of care. Examples of how our members are using the account include adult children contributing monthly to an ACN account in anticipation of future and expected Alzheimer care services for their mother. Employers use the program to encourage employees to help fellow employees in time of need via ACN’s gifting program, including the ability to gift anonymously.

Employee benefit.

One out of every five employee is a caregiver and understands the need for connection and information. They will appreciate their employer enrolling them in an organization like Amazing Care Network. It shows that their employer is forward-thinking and looking out for their future needs. Employers can stay competitive with unique benefits that attract and retain loyal employees.


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