We here at Amazing Care Network wish you a blessed holiday season!  It is the season of giving whether thanks or gifts; hopefully both.  The holiday season is my favorite time of the year.  It’s not that my holidays have been all glitter and rainbows, but it is a choice that we make on what to focus on. My home is decorated in the full glory and beauty of the season.  I’ve even put up my outside decorations this year.  Albeit some would say that I am cheating with one of those projector snowflake machines.  It has kept me off the ladder for which my son is grateful.  My holiday baking has begun and the smells of sugar cookies and gingerbread are filling the air.  However, I feel like the best part of the season for me is sharing it with family and friends. 

This year my family remembers my nephew, Justin, who has been gone four years after committing suicide shortly after Thanksgiving.  We also lost our mom in June this year.  Not exactly the most joyous year or time if you only look at those two events.  I think the hardest part of death is the huge hole that is left behind when our loved ones leave us.  Then, there are those memories that hit us at the most unexpected and certainly unplanned moments.  It could be a song, a picture or even an inanimate object that brings us to tears once again.  I had one of those moments in October during a Halloween celebration when a group of R.I.P. tombstone brought me to a total meltdown and to relive my mom’s funeral services.  It was a completely unexpected reaction.  I went through the gambit of emotions from being offended at others lack of sensitivity and awareness, anger, sorrow and disbelief.  Finally, I was able to reach a place of peace with it.   Decorating for Christmas has brought its own emotional roller coaster as well.  As I unpacked special trinkets this season, I was reminded that they were gifts from my mom over the years.  These are precious memories to savor and share.  I encourage you to embrace these moments, your moments, and understand that it’s all part of the healing process. 

As a Christian, I know that our loved ones are in a better place.  As we move through the grieving process, it’s important to embrace and acknowledge each step completely.  I know for myself that I’ve had times when I’ve said, “what is wrong with me, why am I so emotional?” and am gently reminded that it’s okay to grieve.  When we’ve reached the point where we can truly celebrate their lives and the hope we have for a wonderful future, we can move on with our own lives.   And isn’t that what our loved ones would want for us.  I believe it is.  So, this season I am choosing, in my own way, to celebrate their lives and I encourage you to do the same. 

With all of that said, it is with much thought and prayer that I have decided to resign my position at Amazing Care Network to return to the world of finance.  So, this will be my last President’s letter.   It has been an honor to share this time with you and may your 2018 be filled with joy, healing and success!

From the President’s desk to your home, make it an amazing holiday season!


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