At last week’s Afternoon Tea, our Hawaii members listened to a panel discussion about care-giving. Our panelists offered valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities for families to come together in caring for a loved one. Lorraine Nakasone, an insurance executive, discussed how she and her siblings came together to plan for, organize, and execute a plan to care for their parents. They took the extraordinary step 20 years ago to collectively fund an account that is now used to pay for a full-time caregiver for their mother. Without that foresight, she said, the financial burden of care-giving would be daunting.


We also heard from Shelley Wilson who founded Wilson Care Group 20 years ago. Shelley told her own story of being a care recipient at a young age when the car she was driving was hit by a drunk driver. Her long and painful recovery taught her many lessons including not giving up. She advised us to have discussions with family members long before a potential medical crisis will force decisions about who will care for a loved one, how that care will be managed by family members, and how the care will be financed.


Of course, along with valuable information from our terrific panelists, was the opportunity to network with friends and new colleagues. It was as always in Hawaii, a time for networking and a safe place to talk about difficult topics.