On Tuesday, April 10th we gathered with our Hawaii Members and friends for one of our Tea & Talks events at Oahu Country Club. Cynthia Arnold of Senior Move Managers, Hawaii, gave a talk on de-cluttering.  Her talk was full of excellent information on letting go of “stuff” that simply clutter our home.  She provided tips on how to attack de-cluttering and did so with humor and compassion.
Many of us in the audience smiled ruefully or winced when she described situations that resonate personally.  For me, her talk helped me understand why I hang on to things that have zip value to others but have deep personal value to me, such as the high school essays that our youngest son wrote (Cynthia suggested that I take a picture of it and discard the essays!)  I also hang on to things in the hope that at some future time, I really will return to that project and complete it or do something with it, like the knitted sweater that’s half completed and whose pattern I’ve lost years ago.  Sigh.
After her talk, I went home and de-cluttered with renewed energy!  I took several bags of clothes, towels, bed linen, etc.  to the closest charitable donation center.  Now, I have to stay resolute in making sure I don’t build up clutter!
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~ Cora Tellez, CEO & Founder of Amazing Care Network