WHEN: Tuesday, February 6, 2018 from noon to 2pm

WHERE: Sterling Administration (1000 Broadway #250, Oakland, CA 94607)

TOPIC: “Emerging Trends in End of Life Care”

Drs. Linda Spangler and Lonny Shavelson
Bay Area End of Life Options

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Linda Spangler MD

Linda Spangler MD is a partner in Bay Area End of Life Options, one of the leading medical practices in California helping patients who want to consider physician aid-in-dying, a legal option since the California End of Life Option Act went into effect in June of 2016. She is dedicated to assisting patients at the end of their life understand their options and to educating the general public and the medical community about physician aid-in-dying in an effort to increase awareness and accessibility of this legal right.

Dr. Spangler has worked for over 30 years as a primary care physician in the Bay Area, serving low income communities. She is currently working at a community clinic operated by Alameda County in East Oakland She has worked extensively with immigrant and refugee communities, as well as those living with physical and mental disabilities, substance abuse and homelessness. She has a special interest in how people can recover from severe trauma. Dr. Spangler serves on the board of Hesperian, a local nonprofit which develops and distributes educational health material to very low-income communities globally in over 80 languages.





Lonny Shavelson MD

Lonny Shavelson, MD heads the Bay Area End of Life Options team of consultants and patient advocates. He worked for 29 years as an emergency department physician, then 7 as a primary care physician in a clinic for immigrants and refugees. He is now a consultant, educator and physician for patients at the end of their lives who are considering various options, including physician aid-in-dying. He also consults with doctors who have patients requesting  aid-in-dying as one possible route to their death. Dr. Shavelson also leads trainings about California’s End of Life Option Act.

Dr. Shavelson has been deeply interested in issues about end-of-life care for patients for more than twenty years. He was one of five authors of the proposed “Physician-Hastened Death” guidelines by the Bay Area Network of Ethics Committees, published in 1997 in The Western Journal of Medicine.  He also was involved in the writing of amicus briefs for the Supreme Court when it considered the issue in 1996 (Quill vs. Vacco)

Shavelson is also an author and journalist. His interest in physician aid-in-dying led to his book A Chosen Death (Simon & Schuster, 1995).  Twenty years later, California passed the End of Life Option Act, legalizing physician aid-in-dying in the state.