Margaret Wong wowed our Hawaii members at the Amazing Care tea in Oahu this week.  She is an expert on Medicare and has spent most of her working career helping clients navigate their way through the peculiar, complex regulations that surround Medicare.
I’m grateful to Margaret for sharing her insights and perspective.  We each walked away with nuggets of information that we will use for ourselves or to help others.

We’re reminded often that 10,000 Baby Boomers are aging into Medicare every day!  This government program will balloon in years to come which among other things, makes the federal government the largest and most powerful purchaser of health benefits.  Eventually, each of us will become a Medicare member if we’re not one already.  It’s important to understand how Medicare works, particularly at the onset when we’re enrolling ourselves or planning to.  I had no idea, for example, about the lifetime penalties that can accrue if we’re not careful about enrolling timely.

Thank you, Margaret and your colleagues nationwide, who help us understand and better utilize Medicare!

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Cora Tellez

CEO, Amazing Care Network