At the end of June, I will turn 70 years old. I am hosting several parties for myself in different cities to celebrate and frankly, shamelessly fund-raise for my favorite charities.  I am truly fortunate to have many friends and colleagues who support my various endeavors including my charities, which range from food banks to scholarship programs for financially challenged young people.

I was asked at one of my parties what it is like to be 70 years old. Frankly, I’ve never been 70 before, so I have no clue. But I will figure it out, and use every opportunity not to mourn the passing years, but to celebrate the gifts I’ve been given. What gifts? Oh my, let me count the ways! I have the gift thus far of pretty good health. Most of all, I have been gifted with the love and support of family, friends and colleagues, many of whom are reading this newsletter today. And of course, Amazing Care and Sterling Health Services along with my nonprofit and for-profit boards continue to gift me with interesting problems, fascinating people, and from time-to-time, opportunities in which I can add value.

My 70th year is a great time to celebrate the connections I have with people. Whenever you are celebrating YOUR birthday, my birthday wish for you is that you will use every opportunity to celebrate your connections and expand them!

Plan for a smarter tomorrow and grow your network with us today!

Cora Tellez, CEO and Founder

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