Fall has arrived and with it comes the addition of a new preferred partners Silvernest

As part of ACN’s mission, we continue to add trusted partners for our members to access. If you attended either of the Los Angeles Area or the San Diego Area events in September, you had the opportunity to meet Wendi Burkhardt, CEO and Co-Founder of Silvernest.  She described Silvernest’s technology as blending the algorithms of Airbnb and Match.com to connect individual homeowners with potential renters for home sharing opportunities. Once the homeowner decides to list a room, the compatibility matching and background screening of the potential renter can begin.  Silvernest also offers customized lease creation and rent management for the homeowner.    

Of the 109 million Baby Boomer today, 80% own their own home and 90% of them want to “age in place” in their own homes.  A large number (31 million) of these individuals live alone. Studies have shown that social isolation can be as damaging as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.  Less than half of today’s Baby Boomers have less than $50K in the bank and an average net worth of $140K including their home.  Aging in place becomes more difficult when financial resources are stretched.  Silvernest provides a solution on several levels.

Silvernest helps homeowners to age in place with added security, companionship and extra income.  Even if you are fiercely independent or you are helping friends or family members who are of this mindset, offering a home sharing situation to a college student or someone who is recently widowed is a great opportunity to help them when rental markets are spiraling out of control.  It becomes a win-win!     

Check out Silvernest.

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