We had a great Hawaii Afternoon Tea on October 4, 2017 at the Oahu Country Club. Our speakers, Drs. Geoff Galbraith, Rae Seitz, and Warren Wong  spoke on “Emerging Trends in End-of-Life Care”. Below is a short recap of what we learned. 

About 40 Members, Guests and Friends of the Hawaii chapter of the Amazing Care Network were treated to a stimulating and informative panel discussion on”Emerging Trends in End-of-Life Care” addressing concerns and questions raised by members, including:

1) the difference between palliative and hospice care

2) how to deal with a loved one who is in denial about the severity of his illness

3) best practice in pain management, including concerns about opioids used to manage pain

4) surgical interventions in medically compromised patients

5) experience in Oregon and California with legislation allowing physician-assisted, end-of-life treatment

The physician panel shared personal stories about their development as clinicians intensely involved with chronic and terminal illness. Each is a distinguished physician — well known and highly regarded in Hawaii.  We were honored and privileged to have them engage us in a lively and stimulating conversation. Join us at our next event to learn about important topics on aging, caregiving, financial planning, retirement and more!

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