Julia Hu, CEO and Founder of Lark Technologies, wowed our members and guests at the Amazing Care Tea & Talks  in Honolulu on Tuesday, June 5th at the Oahu Country Club. We learned so much from her about how technology promises such positive things for us as we age, and it also presents risks.

We learned that adoption of health apps like Lark is actually much higher by people age 50 and over, and most surprising of all, men are highly likely to engage in a health app like Lark.  Such technology solutions are helping people manage chronic diseases more effectively than traditional approaches.  In Hawaii where there is a high prevalence of diabetes, effective diabetes management is demonstrated in case studies and surveys by users of Lark and other technologies.

Julia was also careful to point out that technology, if managed poorly, can increase our social isolation.  The audience expressed concern about privacy issues and improper use of data.  We had robust conversations at our tables about our fears and hopes regarding technology.

We’re grateful to Julia for leading this discussion, and we’ll be inviting her to other Amazing Care events in our chapters on the mainland.

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events in Hawaii, San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, Chicago…. see our upcoming events HERE. Email amazingcarenetwork@gmail.com to ask about us hosting an event in your city.
~ Cora Tellez, CEO & Founder of Amazing Care Network