Greetings Friends and Colleagues,

A good friend recommended a book to me on the topic of aging.  The book is Travels with Epicurus, written by Daniel Klein. 

I commend it to your reading, as it’s an interesting meditation on various aspects of getting older.  An over-arching theme for me is curiosity about what this stage of my life will bring (I just turned 72!!!)

I’m sure there are many nuggets of wisdom that you will derive from reading this book. 

What I took away are these:

  1. Being older gives me huge latitude to be deliberate about my choices; Peer pressure is not something I worry about.
  2. The companionship of family and friends without wanting anything from them is a gift I treasure.
  3. What is meaningful to me at this stage of my life may be quite different from what my family and friends define as meaningful to them, and I’m relieved to know that.
  4. I’m comforted in the knowledge that I don’t have a “bucket list” to work on nor aspire to have.
  5. Instead of chasing being “forever young”, I want to experience what being “contentedly old”

My older brother still cautions me about my view of time.  I am by nature impatient, and he wisely observes that the experience of time is different from “real” time.  It’s clear I have more work to do on this.  Frankly, I’m a work in progress, and there’s no end to all the improvements I need to make!!!

I hope the summer finds you in good health and in good company!