Earlier this year, we did a spotlight on our Physician Friend of Family (PFOF) services.  PFOF is a network of retired physicians available to answer questions you and your family have regarding issues arising out of a medical crisis or ongoing medical/social concerns associated with end-of-life care.  Anyone who has gone through the experience knows that these times can present even the strongest amongst us with unanswered questions, disbelief, hurt feelings and family tension to name a few of the challenges.

My mother was recently moved into hospice care in Iowa.  As my sister is the primary caregiver for my mom, she has been experiencing first-hand the daily challenges surrounding end-of-life care.  During a recent check-in with her, it became obvious to me that her care network was solid and filled with friends, family, spiritual advisors and medical professionals.  My mom can be particularly ornery at times.  Why is it that we strike-out at those who love us the most?  It seems that end-of-life is no exception. 

Maybe your personal network is full of supportive and trained professionals, but for most, that is not the case.  This is where access to our PFOF services can bring peace and calm where turmoil previously existed.  Sometimes, it’s just nice to have a neutral expert at your side to mediate conflicting options presented by family members.  These retired physicians will help with communication between and among family members regarding disease trajectory and options for care.

Here is what one of our members had to say about their PFOF consultation: 

“My husband and I were having a tough time figuring out why his back pain continued to debilitate him and was unrelieved by more and more drugs.  A consultation with ACN’s Physician-Friend-of-the-Family made a huge difference in helping us understand our options, the safety consideration involved with each option, and where we can go from here.  Talk about being in a more informed space!  My husband feels like he can have a better conversation with his personal physician as a result of this consultation.  Thank you, Amazing Care!”

Blessings work both ways! 

Here is what one of the physicians within the PFOF network had to say about what he does:

“I recently retired from my medical practice.  Over time I have become restless and dissatisfied with retirement.  Being part of ACN’s PFOF network has given me a purpose again.  Thank you, Amazing Care Network!”

Stories like these never get old and continue to affirm our belief that what we are doing at Amazing Care Network is helping to change lives!

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From the President’s desk to your home, make it an amazing month.

~ Dawn