If you are active on our social media pages, you will have seen the question “how do you know when you’re old?” We have received a wide variety of answers and I admit, I like them! One of the areas that has always been important to me has been maintaining a positive attitude no matter what. I’m not talking about being a Pollyanna, rather looking at a tough situation and honestly working to capture every piece of good in it. August is “Admit You’re Happy Month”. Yes, we have something for everyone.


In all seriousness, there are volumes of studies about the impact your attitude can have on your well-being. In an article from GoodTherapy.org, they quote stories about how our “Attitude Toward Aging May Affect Well-Being”. Research from the University of Waterloo found that a positive attitude about aging leads to feeling younger and negative beliefs make people feel older. Attitude is everything. Enjoy a good one and admit you’re happy. It’s good for your health!


August is also “National Eye Exam Month”. This is your official remainder to get your eyes checked. At every age there is lots we can do to maintain our eye health. Not surprising is that nutrition is a key component to eye health. Foods rich in antioxidants like vitamins A and C, those leafy, green vegetables and fish for its omega-3 fatty acids. Avoid the bad stuff or maybe you call it the good stuff (it depends upon your preferences) like alcohol and saturated fats. Stop smoking for healthy eyes as well. Exercise has been found to improve blood circulation improving oxygen levels to the eyes. Eye protection from the sun and from the computer are important as well. Did you know that your eyes can suffer from repetitive stress at the computer just like your wrist? (Read this.)

From the President’s desk to yours, make it an amazing month!

– Dawn