On May 10, 2020, we celebrate Mother’s Day! That’s also the day that National Women’s Health Week begins and goes on until the end of the week on May 16th. It sounds like “Girl Power” will be in full effect! I remember growing up and seeing the commercials with family members getting candy and sweet stuff for their matriarchs. With the addition of Women’s Health Week, I hope there are better surprises for them, besides following the stay-at-home order.

At a different time, there might be the suggestion to give the woman/women of your life a gym membership or something that gets them out of the home. For now, it may be nice to do some research to find good exercises that they can follow online. Maybe it would be wonderful to do a virtual call so they can see family and friends around the world to pop in and show their love.

It might be enjoyable to take a leisurely walk outdoors with them. Although we are ordered to stay at home, we are allowed to get out for some good old healthy vitamin D from the sun. Maybe you can take a yoga, aerobics or strength training class online together. Since so much is happening online now, there may be other creative ways to spice up Mother’s Day to make it special.

If doing more cardiovascular exercise is not an option because of physical limitations, then if the weather permits, it may be nice to just sit outside, talk story, and get some fresh air with them for a little while. We are very much attached to technology right now and probably unlike ever before, so consider shutting technology out for a while and giving them your undivided attention. So, enjoy the expansiveness of female energy, girl power, Mother’s Day, and doing something healthy for and with the matriarch in your family. Happy Mother’s Day!