I offered to babysit my 7-year old grand-daughter and 5-year old grandson one evening, and I (finally!) got them settled down for bed.  I lay down next to them and proceeded to tell a bedtime story about Priscilla, a lonely pig with a big heart, who lived by herself in a huge castle and ate pumpkin ice cream for breakfast (I’ve got a great imagination and relish stories with zip connection to reality).  With great drama, I proceeded to tell of Priscilla’s adventures.  My grandson fell asleep as clearly, he did not connect with Priscilla.  My seven-year old said to me,  “I have to correct your story.  Pigs don’t eat pumpkin ice cream for breakfast, they roll around in dirt and eat what’s there.”

I thanked my grand-daughter for this correction and thought about a quote from Albert Einstein.  He wrote, “Logic will get you from A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere.”  My lovely grand-daughter will no doubt succeed in a wide range of professions where logic is critical to success.  I also hope that imagination will be nourished as she grows so that she can imagine alternatives to whatever she is facing at the moment.

As you will read in Christina Jordan’s story, imagination and a strong will can propel us to imagine alternatives to the status quo.  Christina has been a member of The Amazing Care Network in San Diego, and we are grateful for her continuing support.  Enjoy her story!