Dear Friends,
I’ve just completed my first business trip after over a year of staying home. I suspect like others who are now traveling for business or pleasure, the experience is a mixed bag. I’m overjoyed at seeing business colleagues and friends in person. After announcing we’ve been vaccinated, there’s a joyful hug followed by lots of conversation. And then, there’s a continuing reminder that we’re not back to pre-Covid normal. Some friends and colleagues are still wary of meeting in person. I understand that, and respect that we will need more time to ensure we are all protected from a pandemic that continues to disrupt the lives of so many, here and abroad.

What is it like to connect in person? The warmth of a personal meeting just can’t be replaced with a zoom meeting. I was deeply aware of the experiences I took for granted before the pandemic — reading body language, gauging reactions from facial expressions, and noticing subtle changes in a colleague’s tone of voice. These non-verbal cues inform me in ways I just can’t detect from a zoom meeting. Don’t get me wrong — I’m grateful for all the ways we connected virtually during the time we were sheltering-in-place. But I am joyful that personal meetings will soon be possible for all of us.

I am energized to calendar future in-person meetings for our Amazing Care members in 2022. I’m lining up speakers who can inform us about a range of topics that help us age with independence, control and grace. Please let me know if there are particular topics or speakers you’d like me to pursue.

With best wishes,