Dear Friends,

March 2022 newsletter

Role reversals can be tricky things. I was reminded of this when I had casually mentioned to my two sons that I am experiencing hip pain from time to time. (It turns out that I have minor arthritis brought on by two factors – old age and being a postmenopausal woman). In the scheme of things, this is a pretty minor thing, and one that I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about.

My sons’ reaction would suggest a different conclusion. I don’t even want to walk next to them because I know my gait will be scrutinized closely. I appreciate that their concern is deeply rooted in their love and care for me. But it got me thinking about how I will manage things when inevitably, aging brings more serious physical constraints.

Baby boomers value independence and control, and never more than now when we are facing limits to physical agility. As a baby boomer, I have to balance my desire for independence and control with respecting limits that may require help from family and friends. This feels like something I will learn as I go, but I hope I will be gracious and grateful when that time comes.

I just finished an interview with Dr. Rocco Salviola regarding fall risk, especially for seniors – a particularly timely topic for me given my recent experience with hip pain. The statistics are daunting, and his message is very clear about getting a fall risk assessment long before we experience falls. The interview is posted on our website and can be accessed here.

With my best wishes to you and yours,