Greetings Friends and Colleagues,

I received the not-so-cheery news that as a result of my age, I am at increased risk of falling.  I expected this news, as I know that the risk of falls increases with age.  And friends and family members have shared with me how anxious and scared they are after a fall.  Falls are serious business, since they greatly increase the odds of another fall which leads to — you guessed it – terrible injuries like fractured hips, reduced functionality, etc.

So of course, I went about researching what can be done to reduce fall risk.  This is a huge topic, and today, I will focus only on one aspect of it:  how to increase bone density, improve balance and coordination.  That inquiry led me to two different outcomes – best exercises for bone strength and a new company called

Exercising is one of the best ways to keep bones strong.  A recent article from the Harvard Medical School pinpointed the specific characteristics of physical exercise that strengthen bones.  The science behind these exercises involves carrying our body weight and working against gravity.  Briefly, they include:

  • Resistance (think dumbbells, elastic bands or your own body weight),
  • Weight-bearing, as in walking, playing golf vs non-weight bearing activities like swimming or cycling.
  • Impact (think fast-paced aerobics, jumping rope).  Impact activities multiply the weight-bearing effect of dealing with gravity.
  • High velocity, as in running.

Beyond exercising, I thought about the interaction between physicians and patients regarding this topic.  I was recently introduced to a company that provides tools to physicians so they can better assess and understand fall risks associated with each patient.  It uses an FDA-approved medical device in conjunction with diagnostic tools vastly aided by machine learning.  Here’s the website for more information:  I’m happy to know that this company exists to help physicians and seniors to better understand fall risks and prevent them.

My best wishes to you for good health!