February, 2022 ACN newsletter

Last month I wrote that we will defer in-person meetings given the Covid surge (now waning, thank goodness!) until later this year.  Instead, I will interview individuals who have something important to say about aging well.  Our speakers span quite a broad range of subjects that I hope you will find interesting.

In no particular order, I will be interviewing the following:

  • Rocco Salviola – Serial entrepreneur who has created a company called Harmony Health which is designed to help seniors reduce risk of falls.
  • Susan Fickinger – Long-time student and teacher of Ayurvedic medicine
  • Bob Uslander – Board certified in emergency medicine, he has evolved toward care of the elderly, especially those nearing the end of their lives
  • Terry Randolph – Key executive with Pxy Health which focuses on the physical and emotional impacts of loneliness
  • Alan Feren – Founder of My Personal Advocate which educates and engages patients in dire need of reliable information about their medical condition and options

We will send emails to let you know the dates when these interviews will be posted on our website.  I’m excited about learning from these experts and hope you will find the interviews interesting and useful, too.

Sending warm wishes,