Dear Friends,
I was chatting with a good friend the other day who lamented how difficult it is to navigate our medical care system. Like many in my generation, she is the primary care-giver for a spouse who has been stricken with a tough medical condition. Like me, she has broad experience with medical care and is fairly savvy about how to get certain questions answered. But she was frustrated by information that she found incomplete, contradictory, and confusing about her husband’s condition. To add to her woes, her husband’s family was prone to giving advice on how to handle certain situations, based on their experience with dealing with the medical care delivery system.

I told my friend about a valuable feature of Amazing Care, and that is the network of retired physicians who counsel families. They are called Physician-Friends-of-the-Family, and as the name suggests, their job is to help families undergoing a medical crisis. They are not there to engage the primary physician, but to provide families with information that they can use to better understand/manage/cope with the emotional and physical challenges of caring for a loved one.

Recently, I interviewed Dr. Geoff Galbraith, who early on appreciated the value of the Physician-Friends-of-the-Family program. I thought it would be best to hear directly from him on his perspective of this program and how it can be of value to those in need. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

With best wishes,