Amazing Lessons from Our Honolulu Tea (Sep. 2016)

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The Honolulu chapter of the Amazing Care Network benefited enormously from an outstanding presentation by Jeannette Koijane, executive director of Kokua Mau, Hawaii's hospice and palliative care organization. She was joined by colleagues Mia Taylor

Amazing Lessons From Our San Diego Tea (May 2016)

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At the San Diego Afternoon Tea with Amazing Friends on May 5th, the San Diego community learned valuable lessons in caregiving. Our panel of speakers included Lauren Reynolds with At Home Nursing Care, Lise Marquis,

Amazing Lessons from Our Honolulu Tea (Feb 2016)

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I have been reflecting on our Afternoon Tea held last week in Honolulu. Good friends, Drs. Michael Chaffin, Geoff Galbraith and Warren Wong were terrific panelists, and addressed key questions about physician/patient and family communication.

Amazing Lessons from Our Los Angeles Tea (Oct 2015)

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Catherine Duggan, retired attorney who dedicated her career to defending seniors against elder abuse, was the speaker at the Amazing Care tea in Los Angeles on September 30, 2015. Catherine did a terrific job of