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    DATE: May 20, 2021 At 1PM PST

    How can we learn new ways of listening to and talking with people we’ve known for a few years or all our lives, who are now unable to communicate in the ways we’re used to? Kim will talk about the importance of improvisation when having conversations with our loved ones with dementia, and what’s possible when we let go of our expectations of how those conversations are supposed to sound. She’ll look at how family members and caregivers can be more present with their loved one or client, and ways in which music can soothe them and create avenues of communication.

    About The Speaker: Kim Fowler

    Talking With Strangers We Know

    Kim Fowler is the author of All Will Be Well: A Memoir of Love and Dementia. The book is a memoir of how her mother’s stroke and subsequent dementia impacted their family.

    Caregiving for her mother called upon Kim’s varied expertise, from theatre to coaching. She was drawn to coaching “because it matched my belief that we are all fully resourceful individuals with the power to shift our lives and do whatever is needed to be the fully creative, impactful, deeply loving people we inherently are.” Her mother’s increasing mental loss demanded that she not only be that person, but that she also needed to find and draw out some part of that person in her mother.

    As a Professional Certified Coach, Kim works with individuals, partnerships and teams who are ready to remove limiting beliefs and behaviors and move through their professional and personal lives with mindfulness, effectiveness, spirit and action. She works with people from a lens of recognition of how race, culture, power and privilege frame those beliefs, behaviors, and her clients’ sense of choice. She also coaches people with partners or family members with dementia to help them find more of themselves as they support their loved one in living a life that is radically changing. 

    Kim is working on a book of poetry, short fiction and essays. She sings with the choirs Sacred and Profane in the Bay Area, and Coro Santa Fe. She lives in Santa Fe, NM.