For small businesses, social groups or professional organizations who would like to ACN offer membership as an added benefit, this plan allows up to 100 members. ACN provides valuable information through the resources found on our website, blogs and through the connections individuals make via in-person events and our online forums and blogs.



Our Partners in Medication Therapy is a program where we use our faculty as experts in a variety of clinical areas to provide services for patients who might be interested in learning more about their medications, as well as about ways that we can optimize their medication regimen.

Sarah L.

Amazing Care was launched after my mother passed.  What would have been spectacular and would have really helped us at the time, and really will help people now, is the knowledge base…having the physician friend of the family network, to be able to ask those questions and help guide the journey.

Jeffrey S.

Amazing Care Network has come to me at a perfect time in my life.  The Teas have provided me an opportunity to discuss the end of life process in an atmosphere that embraces the reality of our journey on earth. Each Tea has left me with a new book to read, an article to act on, contact information, and a formula for owning this time in my life.

Laurie J.

The best in human spirit often comes out in the context of care giving…Whenever I mention the idea to people they are always so happy to learn that there’s a network like this in existence.…I think the Amazing Care Network can become the family that you choose to be a part of.  It becomes a support group, it becomes your friends, it becomes your extended family.

Joan H.

Other Benefits

Employee or group benefit.

One out of every five employee is a caregiver and understands the need for connection and information. Businesses or organizations may offer membership to ACN as a benefit or an added value that is sure to be appreciated. It shows forward-thinking as all will age and many will be the caregivers of others.

Recruiting & Retaining qualified employees.

In a competitive hiring environment, money is not the only thing employees consider. The benefit packages have become ever-more important. Offering employees memberships in ACN is a truly unique benefit that while inexpensive, shows that you care about the long-term health of your employee and their family.

Healthy & Informed.

As an employer, concerned about the overall well-being of your employees, you know that those who are caregivers for a spouse or older relative may be-distracted by worries about a loved one’s care, how to finance that care and how to deal with the emotional impact of challenging times. Employees may need help to deal with options and/or prepare for that time in the future when care needs become more urgent. Employers can tangibly demonstrate that support by enrolling them in ACN.

Social groups and organizations can support their members in the same way.

Savings program.

In recent studies (2013) it’s been found that most people far underestimate the costs associated with aging. Middle-class couples projected medical expenses to be about $48,000 through retirement, while the actual costs exceeded $260,000*. Having a dedicated savings plan through ACN provides a disciplined vehicle to set aside funds for needed services as we age.

*Fidelity data

You’ve got them covered.

Employer or group contributions to an ACN account can be used to pay for a wide range of services not covered by insurance, including copay for out-of-network services.

Gifting resources.

Members within the ACN network can gift funds to each other, either directly or anonymously to another member as financial support or as a boost to their morale. Employers or leaders appreciate having a convenient, online tool to inform members about a medical need faced by another to those who may be willing and able to lend financial support. There are no transfer fees charged by ACN when funds are transferred electronically from their ACN account to a group member’s ACN account.


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