For corporate employers with over 100 employees, ACN provides a benefit to help attract and retain employees. Membership assists employees as they move through the aging process themselves or are caring for a spouse or older relative by providing resources and support. GET STARTED TODAY! 


Amazing Care has helped me understand the dynamics of aging and caregiving. It has helped me have a sense of what to expect going forward. You can’t control aging, but you can control your attitude. Amazing Care helps educate me in terms of knowing what kinds of behaviors I need to either adapt or change or continue. Life is a full circle, Amazing Care is a social network that champions awareness.

Gary A.

Amazing Care was launched after my mother passed.  What would have been spectacular and would have really helped us at the time, and really will help people now, is the knowledge base…having the physician friend of the family network, to be able to ask those questions and help guide the journey.

Jeffrey S.

One of the aspects of Amazing Care I like most is the retired medical consultants, the “Physician Friend of the Family” that Amazing Care has as a part of the program. Not everyone has that kind of resource.  I felt so blessed that I had it.  And that’s one of the things Amazing Care is going to provide for its members.  I love the physicians and professionals that come in and talk at the teas.  They are so informative.  That’s what people need when they don’t have a medical background…a consultant who is there for them.  That part is so important.

Carol R.

At the quarterly Teas, we listen to a speaker talk about a difficult topic…and then we have these amazing conversations afterwards, amongst ourselves.  I remember thinking after one talk, looking around the room and thinking, alright, here are these women who will talk to me about the tough stuff when the time comes. We’re talking about our own health, or my parent’s medical concerns or palliative care—words that weren’t even part of my vocabulary a year ago. If we can talk about these things, it’s not so frightening.

Erin W.

Other Benefits

Employee benefit.

One out of every five employee is a caregiver and understands the need for connection and information. They will appreciate an employer enrolling them in an organization like Amazing Care Network. It shows them that their employer is forward-thinking and looking out for their future needs. Employers stay competitive with great benefits that attract and retain loyal employees.

Recruiting & Retaining qualified employees.

In a competitive hiring environment, money is not the only thing employees consider. The benefit packages have become ever-more important. Offering employees memberships in ACN is a truly unique benefit that while inexpensive, shows that you care about the long-term health of your employee and their family.

Healthy & Informed employees.

As an employer, concerned about the overall well-being of your employees, you know that those who are caregivers for a spouse or older relative may be-distracted by worries about a loved one’s care, how to finance that care and how to deal with the emotional impact of challenging times. Employees may need help to deal with options and/or prepare for that time in the future when care needs become more urgent. Employers can tangibly demonstrate that support by enrolling them in ACN.

Savings program.

We offer members the ability to contribute to a personal savings plan to pay for services not covered by Medicare or long-term care insurance. This is an after-tax savings account, meaning you can spend funds for yourself or a loved one/colleague in need of care. Examples of how our members are using the account include adult children contributing monthly to an ACN account in anticipation of future and expected Alzheimer care services for their mother. Employers use the program to encourage employees to help fellow employees in time of need via ACN’s gifting program, including the ability to gift anonymously.

You’ve got them covered.

Employer contributions to an ACN account can be used to pay for a wide range of services not covered by insurance, including copay for out-of-network services.

Gifting resources.

Employees within the ACN network can gift funds to each other, either directly or anonymously to another member as financial support or as a boost to their morale. Employers appreciate having a convenient, online tool to inform employees about a medical need faced by an employee to those who may be willing and able to lend financial support. There are no transfer fees charged by ACN when funds are transferred electronically from their ACN account to a co-worker’s ACN account.


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